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Why submit a challenge?

Civic Tech Marketplace provides access to best-in-class digital expertise to help you overcome organizational challenges and drive positive change. By submitting a challenge, you open the door to innovative solutions crafted by our community of talented volunteers, technologists, and problem solvers.

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Benefits of submitting a challenge

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Access to innovation

Tapping into the creativity and expertise of the Civic Tech Marketplace community opens the door to fresh digital solutions to some of your organization’s thorniest issues.

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Cost-effective alternative

By leveraging the power of volunteers who are motivated to use their expertise for positive impact, you have a viable alternative to expensive consultants and agencies

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Grow your community

Expand your network by building meaningful connections our community of professionals and volunteers - all of whom are dedicated to using their design and digital skills for the greater good.

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Trustworthy option

Civic Tech Marketplace is powered by Code for Canada - a fellow nonprofit! Since 2017, Code for Canada’s mission has been to improve life in Canada by partnering with public-benefit organizations like yours to design and develop modern digital solutions.

How it works

Identify your challenge

Clearly define the challenge your organization is facing: whether it's a technological hurdle, a data-related issue, or about delivering an experience or service for your community.

Submit your challenge

Complete our straightforward challenge submission form

By providing detailed information about your organization's goals, community, and constraints you’re more likely to be matched with the right volunteers to meet your needs.

We're a small team, but will do our best to respond promptly, typically within 1 week.

Review and collaborate

Our team will review your challenge and work with you to publish a clear articulation of your objectives in order to captivate potential volunteers and draw them to your cause. Review and select your volunteer team as applications roll in.

Challenge scoping can take 1-3 weeks, depending on organization and ambition. Need help selecting volunteers? We offer guidance on that too!

Challenge kickoff

Once a solution is identified, we facilitate a challenge kickoff, bringing together volunteers and your organization to review the challenge scope, timelines, and key milestones.

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Ready to tackle your organization's challenges with the help of volunteer digital professionals? Submit your challenge to Civic Tech Marketplace today.

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