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The Civic Tech Community Network is a collective of grassroots organizations from across Canada that tackle local challenges using technology, design, and collaborative decision-making.

They bring together residents, technologists, designers, activists, public servants, and policymakers to craft real solutions for their communities.

We’re working to grow the civic tech ecosystem in Canada by supporting and connecting existing civic tech groups and helping community organizers start new ones - get involved today!


How It Works

We help mobilize civic tech community organizations

Are you running or starting a civic tech group in your community? We’ll set you up with the guidance, resources and relationships you need.

We amplify the impact of existing community groups

We broadcast local civic tech success stories and help local groups connect to share the knowledge and expertise they need to make an impact in their communities.

We look beyond our borders

We’re inspired by the impacts that engaged residents are having in their communities all around the world. We’ll be collecting and sharing stories and resources from grassroots civic tech groups across the globe, from Philadelphia to Pakistan and everywhere in between.

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Thinking about starting a civic tech group in your city? Check out the resources below, or get in touch with our team to learn how we can help.

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Connect with your community

Code for Canada hosts a Slack channel for civic tech organizers from across Canada. The channel is a place where civic tech practitioners can learn, share and grow together!

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Find the civic tech group nearest you, and join a growing movement that’s using technology and design to improve life in Canadian communities!

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"Civic tech takes the time to ask important questions that are often forgotten in industry: why am I building this? Who am I building this for? Who will this benefit? It really inspires me and led me to start the Montreal chapter."

- Zoé McLennan, Data Engineer + Co-founder, Civic Tech Montreal


Code for Canada's Toolkit for Civic Tech Organizers

Civic Tech Altantic Canada Toolkit