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Why Submit a Challenge?

Civic Tech Marketplace enables you to harness the power of technology to overcome organizational challenges and drive positive change. By submitting a challenge, you open the door to innovative solutions crafted by our community of talented volunteers, technologists, and problem solvers.

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Benefits of Submitting a Challenge

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Innovative Solutions

Tap into the creativity and expertise of the Civic Tech Marketplace community to generate innovative solutions for your organization's challenges.

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Cost-effective solutions

Leverage the power of volunteers who are passionate about making a positive impact, providing a cost-effective way to address your organizational challenges.

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Community collaboration

Build meaningful connections with a network of professionals and volunteers dedicated to advancing technology for the greater good.

How it works

Identify Your Challenge

Clearly define the challenge your organization is facing. Whether it's a technological hurdle, a data-related issue, or a need for community engagement, we're here to help.

Need help with defining your challenge? Code for Canada staff is here to help! We also have a list of resources you can use to scope your challenge!

Submit your challenge

Complete our straightforward challenge submission form

Provide detailed information about the challenge, including your organization's goals, constraints, and any specific requirements.

We'll respond promptly, typically within 1-2 weeks. Challenge scoping can take up to 3 weeks, it varies dependent from organization to organization

Review and Collaboration

Our team will review your challenge and work with you to ensure a clear understanding of the objectives. Collaborate with our community of volunteers, leveraging diverse expertise to tailor solutions to your organization's unique needs.

Challenge kickoff

Once a solution is identified, we facilitate a challenge kickoff, bringing together volunteers and your organization to outline the challenge scope, timelines, and key milestones.

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Partner with Civic Tech Marketplace 

Ready to tackle your organization's challenges with the help of technology? Submit your challenge to Civic Tech Marketplace today. Together, let's build a better, more connected, and technologically empowered Canada.

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