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Montrons ce qui est possible, ensemble

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Joignez-vous à l’équipe !

Si vous croyez au pouvoir de la technologie, du design et de la collaboration pour faire une vraie différence dans la vie des gens, vous aimerez notre travail. Si vous croyez à l’inclusion, à la transparence et à l’amélioration continue, vous aimerez nos méthodes.

Et si vous partagez nos passions et nos valeurs, alors nous voulons travailler avec vous !

Where we do it —

We’re a remote-first workplace, which means our team works from anywhere in Canada with a reliable internet connection. While we aim to create opportunities to see our teammates' IRL, we optimize for our staff to do their best work under their preferred conditions. So, we’ll mail you your computer, set you up with a remote work allowance, and see you online.

What you get —

From your first day you can expect:

  • Flexible hours — Outside of weekly team meetings, you’ll craft a schedule that works for you.
  • Work-life balance — You’ll be empowered to put your wellbeing first, whether that means picking your kids up from school every day, taking a no-questions-asked personal day, or anything in between.
  • Agency — Your manager will help set clear goals and then you’ll be trusted to chart your path and do your best work.
  • Transparency — We strive to be as open as possible, from salaries to day-to-day operations.
  • Paid-Time-Off — You’ll get up to 30 days a year to use as you like.
  • Annual office closures — We have two each year to give everyone a well-deserved break.
  • Professional development — We’ll help fund your learning and development so that you succeed in your role and beyond.
  • Generous benefits— You’ll have a competitive benefits package that starts the first day you do.
  • Home office support — We’ll send you a remote work package, plus a little extra $ to help ensure your setup is comfortable and supportive.

“We work hard to make Code for Canada a workplace we can be proud of: this is a team that supports growth, and makes it possible to bring your whole self to work”

- Lia Milito, People & Culture at Code for Canada

Staff Opportunities

What makes a good Code for Canada Collaborator?

Highly collaborative

You are able to actively work with teammates as a partner, motivator and teacher. You openly and directly provide and ask for feedback, and you want to work with governments as partners.

Able to work independently

You are self-motivated and know to ask for help when you need it.

Teachers and coaches, at heart

While embedded in government teams, you’ll be modeling the culture change and digital ways of working to public sector teams. You collaborate with empathy at heart and can meet government teams where they are in their digital transformation journey.

Open to learning

You view every opportunity as a learning experience and know there’s much to learn from your government partners. You're curious and eager to explore how practices such as agile and lean startup can be used to better understand problems faced by governments.

Comfortable wearing many hats

In small teams, it’s vital that teammates are able to jump in and out of roles and tasks to push their product forward. You are a scrappy, resourceful and creative problem solver.

Skilled communicators

Our collaborators are highly skilled at communicating about their work to non-experts, with empathy and clarity. Collaborators work in the open, sharing their progress through blogs, and on GitHub.