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English French Content

This site is fully bi-lingual. Translating content is simple. Open an entry and switch between language versions. Blog and people categories also need to be translated. Categories are reached by going to Categories > Blog Categories on the sidebar

Switching between English and French

When creating and updating content you will need to ensure that both English and French versions of the content exist. Everywhere you update content you can easily switch between the English and French by selecting the correct language in the dropdown at the top of the page.

When you do this, the page will reload. Be sure to save any content before changing languages.

Language Switcher at the top of each page

Translating Other Bits

There are various other phrases and bits across the site that need translation but are not editable via an entry. These are updated/translated by going to Enupal Translate in the left sidebar.

Once there you will see a list of phrases on the left and an option to update them on the right. To update the French be sure to Switch to French using the language switcher at the top of the page.

Once you do that you will see:

Translating and Updating Phrases

Pending translations have not been translated - once a translation is added and saved that phrase will be removed from pending. It is easy to update a translation by going to the green translated tab and updating the copy there.

English by default does not need to be translated unless you want to update the text. In that case switch to English using the language switcher at the top of the page and follow the same process.