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The blog uses a Content Builder to enable flexible page types.

The blog content builder is initially set to mimic the content types in the Medium powered blog to facilitate manual migration of content. Later new content types can easily be added.

Blog Publish View

Content Types

Here you can add a title, a hero image, one or more categories and the content of the page. To add in a new content type click one of the buttons at the bottom of the publish page. A set of new fields will be revealed.

If you decide you want to re-order the content all you need to do is grab the handle on the right side of the content and move it up and down the page.

Drag and drop content with the handle on the right


SEO is automatically added to each page based on the entry content. However you can custom set your SEO by switching to the SEO tab of the publish page. Learn more here.

Content Builder Video

Below is a video demonstrating a content builder with many features from another site I built. You can find more CMS demo videos on my website.

Content Builder Demo